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What We Offer You

At AgCommunicators, we are passionate about what we do. Our aim is to add ‘spark’ to how you engage with your target audience – and here’s how …

Creative communication campaigns

Communication is more than putting out a media release and hoping for the best. It’s targeting your story to the people who need to hear it. We work with you to identify your vision, the opportunities and challenges in achieving it, and the key relationships or competitors you will encounter along the way. The range of tools is huge, as is the creativity in how they can be used, from traditional media to social media and a raft of new media technologies, such as websites, YouTube and direct marketing applications. Our strategy for you is unique to you and your goals.

Education program development and delivery

Incorporating interactivity into education is the key to reinforcing learning – and also making it fun! We specialise in educating regional and metropolitan audiences in the importance of primary production, answering questions such as where food comes from and what it takes to produce it. We believe education programs can have colour, fun and credibility while delivering lessons and messages that participants will remember.

Public relations and media liaison

Identifying the untold story in your business and communicating it to your audience through the media requires a team who have been journalists and know how the industry works. When choosing a company to develop your media strategy, the practical media experience of its team members is paramount. No one would hire a mechanic who had no experience with cars…
analyzing a plant in the lab

Science translation and technical writing

The ability to understand complex scientific research, absorb it and retell it in clear and easy-to-understand language is an art. While we have the communication qualifications to back-up our science translation abilities, the fact is that simple, technical writing is a skill which our team has taken many years to perfect. And we have the material to prove it.

Conference and event management

The key to a cracking event is in every minute detail – great food, a comfortable venue, smooth attendee registration, an engaging program, well-briefed speakers, clever and creative event marketing, happy sponsors, and a budget in the black. With experience in events from 20 people to 350 people, we manage your event from start to finish and are across every inch of the detail in these key areas to conference success.
Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

Building skills and capacity

We are passionate about improving the skills and capacity of rural and regional audiences. As independent coordinators, we bring in training expertise from across Australia to work with small groups to improve their skills and capacity. We use interactivity as a key component, where participants are able to learn by example, ask questions and be part of discussion relevant to their own knowledge base.

Exhibit and booth design

An interactive exhibit creates engagement with your product or science. However, targeting your key messages into a creative and exciting exhibit that is easy to transport and pack down is easier said than done! There’s more to it than printing a poster. We consider the dimensions you have to work with and know the secrets behind getting people to engage with your content and make them linger at your stand, rather than wander off to the next one.
Financial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

Executive support and facilitation

All groups need a little organisation from time to time and the AgCommunicators team was born to organise! We have expertise in managing everything from a group’s schedule of annual meetings, and attend to take minute, through to finances and reporting requirements. We work with groups to plan and facilitate sessions to uncover their broader strategic direction and map each step of the way to achieve their goals.

Professional writing and editing

Concise and professional communication requires hours of practice. Poorly written or designed material reflects on your business. If you require articles, flyers, brochures, posters, advertising copy, website text and design, or e-newsletters – we have you covered from writing and designing right through to publication to your audience. We know our way around the complexities and nuances of the English language. We use expert interview technique to get what’s in your mind down in print or can edit your text into perfect prose.
Social networking concept

Digital and social media management

Is the world of online media just too confusing? Then we have a multi-skilled team with expertise in social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and social network management programs such as Hootsuite. Our tech-savvy team can also develop a range of digital content, such as YouTube clips, animations and presentations. We can develop a strategy and manage it on your behalf.