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    AgC partnered with T-Ports through the construction and operation of the part-grower owned port at Lucky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. This partnership continues as T-Ports now prepares to construct a second port at Wallaroo. T-Ports introduced disruptive technology into the state with the construction of the first grain transhipment port in the nation.


    The team has provided T-Ports with strategic communication, marketing and events support including imagery, media engagement, website, social media, grower and client engagement, podcasts, videos, event management and more.


    The first harvest and export from Lucky Bay in 2019/20 was a success with more than 190 growers delivering to the new grain storage provider. T-Ports has received extensive national media coverage and has an engaged audience on social media and email platforms. Ongoing work includes communication, marketing, stakeholder engagement and issues management.

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